Get on track.
Short term loans to help put you in front.

A short term loan can help you quickly and easily get your finances back on track. With loans tailored to every customer, we’ll help you get a loan suitable for you.

Short Term Personal Loans

If you’re looking for short-term loans and easy loans and fast application, we deliver nothing less. At Rapid Loans, we will work out a loan option that best suits your needs and circumstances.

We start by assessing your application. From there, we will determine the most preferable loan option tailored around your needs.

Poor credit history has prevented many borrowers from finding easy finance loans. We try not to let your history hinder your present financial goals by structuring personal loans around bad credit circumstances.

Our bottom line is minimising the stress of acquiring a loan by providing a quick loan application process, short term loans easy approval, and fast access to cash.

Once your loan is approved, you will receive the money within a day or two. The cash will then be transferred to your account, in your name and ready to be spent – it’s that easy!


In-depth Information

We ensure you have all the information you need for your loan term. As with any type of loan, there is lots of information to take in. We make sure its clear and easy for you to understand.

Loan Suitability

We tailor our loans suitably to each individual. Low interest rate loans have their immediate appeal, but many other factors determine the suitability of the loan according to your personal circumstances.

We Help You Get On Track

If you need advice on getting the right short term cash loans Australia, easy finance loan, speak to one of our loan consultants who are happy to discuss your needs and get you on the right track.

How it works

Apply Online

Complete our easy online application form. Don’t worry, we only need the important stuff to get you moving.

Upload Documents

Upload your important docs via our secure online platform. We’ll tell you what you need, and it only takes a few minutes.

We’ll Get In Touch

Your application will be reviewed and one of our friendly loan consultants will be in touch soon!

Receive Funds

If approved, have your funds faster than you can say Rapid Loans! If you applied in the morning, they could hit your account the very same day.

Frequent Questions

Find the answers you are looking for by browsing through a number of questions we get asked a lot.

How do I apply for a personal loan?

You can apply for a personal loan online through our easy-to-use application form. If you require assistance, you can call our friendly service team on 1300 727 431 to get help with the application process.

What do I need to apply for a loan?

Getting your documentation ready to support your application for a loan is not hard but there are three basic things we need to know:

– Your identity
– Your financial circumstances
– Your lifestyle

Can I get an unsecured loan?

Rapid Loans do not offer unsecured personal loans. In order to offer better rates and loan terms to our customers, we only provide secured personal loan options.

What can I use as security against the loan?

We can take security in assets you own including vehicles that are registered in your name (cars, caravan, motorcycle etc) as well as properties that do not currently have any other finance owing on them.

Will the funds be available the same day?

We always aim to be as quick as possible with transferring funds to successful applicants. Depending on the time and day of the successful application, the funds may be available in the client’s bank account the same day or the next business day.

Do you offer fixed interest rates?

Yes, personal and car loans from Rapid Loans have a fixed interest rate outlined in your contract. This will vary depending on a number of factors such as borrower profile, loan product and principal amount.

Do you charge early repayment fees?

No, Rapid Loans does not charge any fees for early payouts or additional repayments on top of the normal repayment schedule.

What is a p.a. comparison rate?

The comparison rate gives you a true understanding of the cost of the loan per year. In addition to interest rate charged, it factors in the cost of fees and charges, repayment frequency, loan term and loan amount.