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Debt Consolidation Loans

Debt can add up quickly. Sometimes before you know it, you may find yourself owing money to a number of different people or providers. A debt consolidation loan is a single loan taken out to pay off other loans that you may have, from credit cards, car finance and other consumer costs.

Rapid Loans can help you find a solution for multiple debts. A debt consolidation loan with Rapid Loans can put all of your payoffs in one simple place, with competitive rates and flexible terms and conditions. The way it works is that you add up all your varied debts and apply for a personal loan to consolidate your debts. If approved, you can use that loan to pay off all the money that you currently owe.

Before applying for a personal loan, make sure that you have accurately calculated the amount you need to pay off all of your outstanding debts. You won’t be able to borrow more than the originally agreed upon loan amount. Rapid Loans can help you find the easiest debt consolidation loan to get to suit your personal circumstances, and structure payments in a way that gives you confidence and peace of mind.

By using a debt consolidation loan, you only have one payment to make a week or fortnight or month instead of numerous payments. Taking out an online personal loan to consolidate multiple debts into one total amount can provide borrowers with the advantage of fixed payments, over a fixed period of time and the confidence that the overall debt will be paid off when the loan finishes.

At the end of the day, being in multiple types of debt can be stressful. To add to that stress, owing money here, there and all over the place, can quickly become extremely overwhelming. At Rapid Loans, we are all about assisting you in achieving financial control and freedom. One of the best ways to significantly reduce the unmanageable feeling surrounding handling several different debts is to organise and merge it all into the one place.

We are here to help you find the right path for you towards more organised and successful debt consolidation.
We are all about making the process and achieving goals that much easier. We are confident that you won’t find a more reliable, trusted, efficient debt consolidation loan Australia solution or have a more stress-free experience than you will with us.

We have been assisting everyday Australians and businesses since 2003 and have quickly become a trusted Australian provider of debt consolidation and personal loans. We take great pride in helping thousands of people from across the nation reach and achieve their personal goals, organising any owed money in one place while helping to reduce stress and encourage independence.

Now you can relieve yourself of consuming debt-related stress and manage your cash flow straight from the comfort of your own home and could have an outcome within 24 hours. A personal loan to consolidate your debt makes life a lot easier, more convenient and organised. Consolidate your debt today, reduce payments to multiple lenders and you could have only one loan, one repayment with the help of our debt consolidation loans Australia.

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You are our priority and providing the best debt consolidation solutions to benefit our clients is our mission first and foremost. We’re known for providing trusted support and, with over a decade of experience, we’re always thinking outside the box and finding new ways to be unique from the ‘traditional’ lenders. 

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Never again will you have to deal with the standard middle-of-the-road call centre. Instead, we put you directly in contact with one of our experienced consultants who will give you answers and get your consolidation moving. Throughout your partnership with us, they will be your personal contact dedicated to providing you with exceptional service, a great product and a great result.

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Our experience, dedication, drive and skill when it comes to all aspects of small debt consolidation to large and providing assistance in accomplishing short and long-term goals is second to none!

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Frequent Questions

Find the answers you are looking for by browsing through a number of questions we get asked a lot.

What is debt consolidation?

A debt consolidation loan is a single loan taken out that pays off one or more loans or debts you may have by simply bringing them together into one new easy-to-manage loan. Ideally you will be looking for a debt consolidation loan that has a lower interest rate and fewer fees than your current loans you are wanting to consolidate.

Debt can add up quickly and sometimes before you know it, you may find yourself owing money to a number of different people or providers. This makes consolidating debt with a personal loan helpful if you’re struggling with multiple debts that each have specific interest rates, conditions and balances which ultimately saves you time and money. This is different from refinancing which is usually applied to a single debt, such as property or other large asset.

Taking out a debt consolidation loan with Rapid Loans means you can put all of your payoffs in one simple place with competitive rates and flexible terms and conditions. You can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your finances are streamlined and you won’t have to worry about keeping up with different repayment dates, amounts and interest rates.

Rapid Loans offers secured personal loans for debt consolidation which means you’ll need to offer an asset, such as your car or another type of vehicle, as collateral that the lender can use in the event of non-payment.

If you’re after an Australian debt consolidation loan, you can apply online today to get started.

How does consolidating debt actually work?

A debt consolidation loan works by taking all the loans you currently hold with different lenders and bringing them together under one, easy-to-keep-track of loan. Don’t let the sheer size and number of your existing outstanding debts get you down when Rapid Loans can help you find a simple solution that works for you and your multiple debts.

Before applying for a personal loan, you’ll need to accurately calculate the amount you need to pay off all of your outstanding debts, including the fees and interest across the multiple loans. We know it might seem scary because it can add up to a sizable sum but it’s important because you won’t be able to borrow more than the approved loan amount.

You then provide Rapid Loans with the official payout quotes from the lenders you wish to settle your debt with. If you’re approved, you’ll receive a contract that outlines your terms, conditions and interest rate while Rapid Loans uses the loan to pay out your existing loans on your behalf. You might find that other lenders will pay the loan funds to you instead, allowing you to pay off the debts yourself. If there’s any remaining principal, this will be transferred to your nominated bank account.

By using a debt consolidation loan, you only have one payment to make at a time that fits your pay cycle whether that’s weekly, fortnightly or monthly. You then have the advantage of fixed payments, over a fixed period of time and the confidence that the overall debt will be paid off when the loan finishes.

Can I get a debt consolidation loan if I have bad credit?

Yes, you can get a debt consolidation personal loan if you have bad credit, but it’s important to note that lenders may offer you a higher interest rate based on your credit score and historical ability to meet your repayments.

However, whether or not your application is approved will come down to a combination of factors, including how you will use the loan, the amount of finance you’re seeking, and your financial situation. While traditional banks might turn you away on face value, we understand that consumers can fall on hard times sometimes which is why we don’t make judgments based on your past

Will a debt consolidation loan hurt my credit score?

Unfortunately, consolidating your debts may hurt your credit score initially because when you apply for a bad credit debt consolidation loan, the credit provider runs a credit check which shows on your credit file as a hard inquiry.

A debt consolidation loan is designed to help you. By paying off your current creditors in full by entering a new debt consolidation loan, you don’t have to worry about receiving any stressful calls or emails from multiple lenders. Instead, debt consolidation provides you with a clear and easy repayment structure so you can pay on time without multiple debts piling up. Managing your finances effectively will show that you’re ready to take on a personal loan.

In the long run, closing your existing credit accounts, reducing the length of your credit history, managing your debt consolidation loan and reducing your total debt could all help improve your credit score. This means that by the time you’ve finished paying off your debt, you could see your credit score in the green!

What types of loans can you consolidate?

You can consolidate a variety of loans including:

– Car finance.
– Personal loans.
– Outstanding bills and accounts.

We understand it can be a challenge to manage each of those individual loans, which often have different repayment amounts and repayment dates. Rapid Loans can help you reduce your payments to multiple lenders by consolidating these into one new, easy-to-manage loan.

It’s important to compare the interest rate, application fees and early repayment penalties for the new loan because if your new loan will be more expensive than your current loans it may not be worth it. You’ll also want to check the loan term because the interest rate may be lower, but you may end up paying more in interest and fees in the long run. This is why you may need to provide us with extra documentation during the application process so we can understand the extent of each loan you wish to consolidate, including the cost of any exit fees or penalties.

It’s worth keeping in mind that debt consolidation doesn’t magically make your liabilities disappear, but it can be easier and cheaper than having multiple loans. If you’re paying less interest, then this may also give you the freedom to pay larger instalments and ultimately pay off your debt quicker which can positively impact your credit score.

It’s also important that you do not take on additional debt after your debt consolidation loan, or you might just end up in the same situation you were in before the debt consolidation..

How do I qualify for debt consolidation?

You may qualify for a debt consolidation loan if you have two or more debts that you wish to bring together under one new, easy-to-manage loan. You will also need to meet the loan application eligibility requirements to be approved, which include:

– Supplying evidence of your identity and proving that you’re 18 years or older.
– Validation that you’re either an Australian or New Zealand citizen or hold permanent residency.
– Confirmation of a regular source of income that meets the minimum income requirements.
– Demonstrate you’re able to pay back the loan. Proof that you aren’t going through the process of bankruptcy.

Gaining loan approval isn’t rocket science and certainly doesn’t take a perfect credit rating. Apart from your application, the lender will also review the information in your credit report and then decide whether to give you a loan and on what terms. It’s worth keeping in mind that the exact requirements and processes vary depending on which lender you approach.

Is it difficult to get a debt consolidation loan?

No, it is not difficult to get a debt consolidation loan however you will need to take control of your finances by clearing time to correctly calculate your outstanding debts. You’ll need to provide your preferred lender, like Rapid Loans, with the balance of each of the loans you wish to consolidate. You won’t be able to borrow more than the originally approved amount, so you’ll also need to work out a repayment term that you’re comfortable with.

We have streamlined our debt consolidation loan application form so it takes only minutes to complete, plus it can be completed 100% online which means no awkward face-to-face meetings or hunting through piles of old documents! We use advanced and innovative technology to process your debt consolidation application where it’s then funnelled through to our Australian team who will get in touch with you quickly to let you know about your result.

The best thing about a debt consolidation loan with Rapid Loans is that you are fully in charge. If you want to make low monthly repayments and pay off your debt over a longer term, then you can. Alternatively, if you’d like to make larger repayments and pay the debt off faster, then you can do that too because we don’t charge any early repayment fees.

Using a personal loan to consolidate your debt can make your life a lot easier by giving you confidence in your financial situation and peace of mind that your funds are organised.