Whether it’s brand new off the floor or second-hand, we’ve collated our best tips to make sure you drive away with exactly what you came for!

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Keep it positive and friendly.

While it can be a tempting thought that haggling relentlessly will get you a better deal, it’s not always the case. If you foster a good relationship with your salesperson they’re going to be more likely to want to work hard to give you what you want. Even if you’re not happy with the deal and decide to go elsewhere – always leave your phone number, they just might surprise you! When buying from a private seller, don’t forget to do the same. They’re not always going to be in a position to drop the price, but creating a positive relationship through your interactions can help. If you’re easier to deal with than the other people who’ve come to see the car, chances are the seller will drop the price a little to save themselves some trouble.

Always take a test drive.

It might seem like a very obvious piece of advice, but you’re going to spend a lot more time driving the car than looking at it – make sure it drives well and you feel comfortable behind the wheel. If you’re buying from a private seller and they don’t feel comfortable letting you take it out, offer for them to sit in with you or provide them with your licence while you take it out.

Timing is key.

If you don’t need the car straight away, it’s worth waiting to see what special offers are coming up. If there’s a special deal on, don’t jump in on the first day! The salesperson will be keen to make as much money from the deal as possible, as it’s already discounted. If you’re chasing a little extra off or some free inclusions, try heading in during the last week. EOFY is also a great time to buy a car, as salespeople may be trying to budge up their sales in those last few weeks of the financial year!

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Do your homework.

A little extra knowledge and research will go a long way in finding the best car to suit your needs, and make sure you’re not spending more than you need to. Here’s a few things to consider:

This way, you have all the right information to make your decision without being talked into anything.

Consider financing.

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This is purely an opinion piece and should not be used as a sole source of guidance.