They say that travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. To an extent, this is somewhat true. There’s nothing better than exploring a new city, a new country. Observing the architecture, embracing the culture, and best of all, indulging in the food.
While holidays enrich your life, they can be downright expensive. So, how do you travel without spending your life savings? Here are 5 suggestions on how to travel on a budget.

1 – Book in advance.

Plan ahead. Do your research on flights, accommodation and transport. Make sure you check multiple websites for each to ensure you find the best price available. You may need to choose an option that involves connecting flights. No one enjoys an extended transit time, but it can potentially reduce your costs.

2 – Find accommodation with a small kitchen.

It’s astonishing how much money you can spend on food. Eating out for breakfast, trying that famous restaurant you’ve heard about for lunch or dinner, feasting on snacks while exploring and splurging on the local traditions that you just can’t deny. It’s not hard to max your budget purely on food.

Without overspending on accommodation, try to find an option with a small kitchen. Prepare a couple of lunches or have breakfast before you leave. You can save a lot of money by substituting a meal or two that you would otherwise spend at a restaurant.

3 – Buy tourist attraction tickets online – or research free activities.

The internet is an incredible resource… use it wisely. Find tourist attraction tickets online from a reputable source and book in advance. Not only do you save money, you get to skip the lines when you’re there. Go one step further and research free activities that are scheduled to take place during your visit.

4 – Time the trip wisely.

Peak, shoulder, off season. Three key words you need to keep in mind when booking your adventure. Costs can vary significantly between peak and off-peak seasons. School holidays, Christmas holidays and the Easter long weekend are the busiest, and most expensive, times to travel. If you’re not restricted to these holiday periods, book your travel during a quiet period… your bank account will thank you for it.

5 – Walk…everywhere.

If possible and safe to do so… walk! Not only do you save money on transportation, you get to experience what the city has to offer first hand. Walking decreases yours costs, increases your blood flow and allows you to breathe in fresh air while admiring your destination of choice.

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This is purely an opinion piece and should not be used as a sole source of guidance.